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Cambodian Association
of Greater Philadelphia

Since 1979, our Board & Staff continues to reflect and represent the diverse faces and lived experiences of the community we serve. Community Based in Community Spaces led by Community Faces - CAGP!

The Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia (CAGP) continues to provide innovative programs and services for the Cambodian, refugee, and immigrant community since 1979. For over 43 years, our collective work have addressed the complex social, health and educational needs of our three generations. We directly impacts every age group and generation which includes preschool aged children through the elderly. CAGP continues to provide exceptional services from two office locations in North and South Philadelphia. To learn more about our work, please visit our program & services page. 

Mission: The mission of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia is to improve the quality of life of Cambodian-Americans in Greater Philadelphia through direct service, advocacy and cultural education.

Vision: The vision of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia is to empower Cambodian-Americans to be productive and successful individuals in society at large.

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